Aces of WWI

Editor's Choice Award Winner

"Plenty of replay here, as no two games are ever alike -- but you feel a constant sense of progression, mastering new tactics." - IGN

Aces of WWI Screen Shots

Main Board Screen Combat Screen (pursuit) Combat Screen (evasion)

Axis Win Screen Award Screen (Iron Cross for Bravery) Promotion Screen (Captain)


A true strategy game, no button mashing
Play one or two players
Amazing aerial combat animations
Tutorial built in to make learning the game easy
Medals and promotions for both Allies and Axis
Historically accurate biplanes
Auto-save lets you pick up where you left off
Supported Phones:

Motorola T720
LG VX4400
LG VX6000
Audiovox 9500
Toshiba 9500
Samsung A530

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